A firm devoted to the manufacture and export of Adjustable Angle Wrenches, was founded in 1986 by Mr.Yash Pal who started the business on his own with an education background in engineering.

Mr.Yash decided to challenge the most difficult item in hand tools industry in India and set up the goal of top one which consider design, technique and offer different Adjustable Wrenches to fit separate industries. In order to obtain maximum quality products it is necessary to put in 100% of efforts. Due to this reason the entire process from design to finished product delivery is handled by the company itself.

The high level of specialization allows us to concentrate all our research and development - to a sole objective of constantly improving our products.

For Toolimex, quality is much more than just a word. It constitutes the philosophy giving its meaning to our constant urge for improvement - a spirit which is present in everyone involved with the company. The team of experts at our quality department carry out a follow up of each manufactured batch, assuring its quality. We at Toolimex are seriously concerned to take steps in respecting our environment and taking care of the nature.


The superior quality of our products has been the end result of constant research & development effort put in by our company. Continuous discussion with professional designers, end users in different areas & our design & development team ensures that we stay up to date on innovation.

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